Healthy 7-Days Fruit Box



Healthy 7-Days Fruit Box

The newly-launched Fruit Box with 7 varieties of freshly picked premium fruits is specially planned and packed for 7 day needs for a family of 3 to 4 members. 

*7 different premium fruits

 *4 selected from basic types: apple, orange, pear, grape, melon, banana, etc 

  3 selected from top fresh seasonal fruits: strawberry, blueberry, cherry, yellow pitaya, peach, etc

 *Rich and balanced nutrition package for a family of 3-4 persons

 *Every week fruits are different. You won't receive same fruit in the next following week.

 *One surprising free gift comes along with every fruit box. 

 *Deliver on next working day.

 *Any fruit you don’t like? Please feel free to let us know. It will be replaced with substitutes. You can either contact us through Whatsapp +6590689296 or kindly leave a message when checking out shopping cart.


Single 7-day Fruit Box - $58.00 

Package of 8 boxes - $429.00 ($464.00) with free delivery on Wednesday (click here for more info)

The 8 boxes package are optional to be delivered to different addresses



Special offer:

Single 7-days Fruit Box + Single 7-days Veggie Box = $116.00 (original $126.00)click here

Package of 8 7-days Fruit Boxes + Package of 8 7-days Veggie Boxes = $888 (original $928)click here